European Agencies to Sue Google over Privacy Policy

In March 2012, Google revealed a new privacy policy that would track users across multiple platforms to gather information about them. This information would allow Google to develop targeted advertising. This privacy policy, however, does not comply with EU laws and the Data Protection Agencies have asked Google to reconsider this privacy policy. These agencies have given Google four months to rethink the policy, but the four month period has ended and Google has not budged. 

The EU agencies expressed their concern about the fact that the privacy policy by Google is very vague. Users are given very little information regarding what kind of information is being collected and for what purpose this information is being collected. The Data Protection Agencies are demanding that Google make adjustments or face legal action. These agencies are really only asking Google to allow the users to opt out of any of Google’s services that they are not interested in having their information collected from. They are also asking that Google use this data for authorized purposes instead of for advertising purposes. 

Many are worried that Google is integrating all of their products and acquiring personal data from them to give to advertisers. People are also concerned that Google is sharing information with others about things they are into doing. Google has stated though that this is definitely not the case, but how can anyone know for sure with the privacy policy being as vague as it is? 

European agencies are planning on taking legal actions against Google and estimate that there may be a legal battle against Google before this summer. Google has done nothing at all to change their privacy policy to comply with EU laws, so the EU agencies feel as if they have no choice at this point.